Saturday, February 20, 2010

A few more words



As you know, I really really out of time, still got works to do. So yeah, don't bother about my rarely-updated-blog (but keep reading =]) and I really want to edit my blog but, y'know, it takes time and the time is taken, for me to do other more important things.

I went to the tailor just now and guess what, she made the tudung so pendekk.. -__- errrggghhh...
And I think tonight I'm going to stay up late, hopefully, I wont fall asleep, like what happened yesterday. -__- ggeeezzzz..
I got lots of things to save in my brain.
So yeah, busy busy busy...! hehe...

And thnks for your supports, to all readers!

And y'know what, raisins can prevent your tooth from decaying. I found it out, with Zeynah, while waiting for our parents to come and pick us up. We were eating raisins that time, yummy.
Hehe.. =)

What fun is, I've started speaking english at school*, but still worried about arabic. Well, I'm trying and hopefully, I can speak fluently in both language, then I can give speeches without texts and debate and something like that. InsyaAllah, amin!!!! That is SO COOL! ngeehee ~~~

*Zeynah was the only one who speak english with me, I am happy about that, but others shows no effort...

- hdyh =)

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