Saturday, February 20, 2010

A few more words



As you know, I really really out of time, still got works to do. So yeah, don't bother about my rarely-updated-blog (but keep reading =]) and I really want to edit my blog but, y'know, it takes time and the time is taken, for me to do other more important things.

I went to the tailor just now and guess what, she made the tudung so pendekk.. -__- errrggghhh...
And I think tonight I'm going to stay up late, hopefully, I wont fall asleep, like what happened yesterday. -__- ggeeezzzz..
I got lots of things to save in my brain.
So yeah, busy busy busy...! hehe...

And thnks for your supports, to all readers!

And y'know what, raisins can prevent your tooth from decaying. I found it out, with Zeynah, while waiting for our parents to come and pick us up. We were eating raisins that time, yummy.
Hehe.. =)

What fun is, I've started speaking english at school*, but still worried about arabic. Well, I'm trying and hopefully, I can speak fluently in both language, then I can give speeches without texts and debate and something like that. InsyaAllah, amin!!!! That is SO COOL! ngeehee ~~~

*Zeynah was the only one who speak english with me, I am happy about that, but others shows no effort...

- hdyh =)

Dream and determination


I just got back from hostel yesterday. And, I'm kinda happy. Usually, I dont like going back to my house home.
Well anyway, do you know the difference between house and home?
Yesterday, during english class, my teacher told us about this.
Well, house is just a building. As for home, it's a building with love. See?
Homes have love, houses don't.

TNB have something to do at our school, so, we're not going to have electricity flows and that's why the students were allowed to go back home. If not, today, is Hari Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang & Penyerahan Report Kad. *skema..*

So, tomorrow, I'll be leaving. Cuti 2 days je maaa...I have no problems with it because I don't mind if we're going back home or not. And this year, banyak sangat balik lerrr...And it's a big problem for me!

I've a lot of things to tell, and this thing happens everytime I go back home. Why? Because, when I'm at school, in my head, I was like...having lots and lots of ideas to posts, and things to tell you, but when I reached home, sit infront of the computer, log in to my blog, and there it goes, BLANK!
See, now I don't know what to write...

Anyway, 26/2, we're going to KL for Maulidur Rasul and this is so cool! The new students mesti jakun kan... haiihh.. -__-
And 27/2, Maulidur Rasul at my school and I should say 'Yay' for it. Someone from Syria is coming, and we are always excited to meet the Ulama' s. Like every year, we celebrate Maulidur Rasul, big big big Maulid, and thousands of people attend. People from Arabic states and something like that...

Yesterday, I got to tempah some tudungs and I'm going to have a blue black jubah and baju kurungs..Well, for the tudungs, I was thinking of sewing it myself, but mother says she wants to send it to a tailor, so, it'll be easier for my. But, I hope the tailor will make based on my taste. Because, tudung pon bukan cincai-cincai tau... And mother is going to pick them up today. Bagus, kan? Tailor tu buat siap cepat. Bagus bagus...:D =D happy Pictures, Images and Photos

And y'know what? Going to kuliah is now, one of my hobbies. Alhamdulillah...
But when I sleep during kuliah, it's disapointing! *eerggh..*
I dont like it when my kepala melantun waktu kuliah! And then the makcik-makcik kat blakang tengok, malu lerr, tengok budak STIAS tido waktu kuliah.... -__-
But what to do, people always get sleepy, and I have to tahaaaaaaaaaan ngantok, beacause I AM A TOLABUL ILMI! yeaah.. grin Pictures, Images and Photos

And y'know what, muka Fahim and Amsyar masuk blog STIAS, tak boleh blaaaaaa...

So, till here, I'll continue later, IF i have time to do so.
After this, I'm going to buy some things. And get my work done and pack my things, tomorrow, I'll be leaving.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Pity Malaysia

Sorry to say but what I'm going to say after this is A FACT! And you can't deny it, because IT IS happening, and prepare you ears to hear it, ;)

WHY Malaysians sambut NEW YEAR macam nak mampos, tp Maal Hijrah, Malaysians tak sambut??
And why , they can celebrate NEW YEAR meriah gile, tapi kenapa tak Maal Hijrah??
Satu dunia sambut NEW YEAR, Maal Hijrah??

And what I saw on the news just now, wasn't something really surprising, it's because I knew it!
Kata agama rasmi MALAYSIA, ISLAM, tapi sambut NEW YEAR gile-gile, Maal Hijrah nye ke mane?
Yang korang tau, puasa bulan RAMADHAN, bulan yang lain korg tau?
Memang sakit bila dengar apa yang aku cakap, aku pun macam korang jugak nk smbut NEW YEAR, (tp tak pernah pon sambut... -__-'' )

Sorry to say, but that's the fact. Dan yang tambah menyakitkan hati, bila cakap macam ni, org lain jawab:

'ala, biase lah...takkn tak tau kot...Malaysia dah memang mcm ni...nak buat macam mane...'

Bengang atau tak, aku kesah ape ngan korang! Korang fikir, bagus sangat la dapat sambut NEW YEAR dengan mercun nye la, menjerit terlalak sana terlalak sini, BAGUS SANGAT KE?

Maaf la, tapi aku kesian ngan MALAYSIA dan MALAYSIANS....

Entah kenapa, bila tengok news kat TV tadi, tiba-tiba rasa bengang yang amat, tengok orang sambut NEW YEAR macam sambut sekali seumur hidup.

Aku pun tak pernah terfikir sebelum ni, so, ni salah semua...
Peringatan ni buat semua dan aku jugak...

And what I did on NEW YEAR eve was, packing my things. And I didn't bother about new year or whatever and I didn't even realize that it was new year eve.... XD

And tomorrow, I'll be leaving for school. I'm worried about my things, I'm afraid the things that I'm going to pack will be....ntah, banyak sangat kot...??
But, all of them are the things needed. -__-'


I'm off now...

Monday, December 28, 2009

I broke it ;)

Holidays full of virus, y'know...
Anyway, lately, I kept listening to musics which were LAGHA, but i kept listening to it.
Haiihhh...this IS A BIG problem to me.

I only like the song, not the vid because the video is BORED and I understand almost nothing, and what in the earth was the little boy for in the vid?? Do you get me? No?.
Never mind then. I actually don't watch vids, just hear the song.

And even Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway song,
also, make no sense, I mean the video...

The song was fine, but the video, what on earth was that??
Takde kaitan langsung kot...Yeah a little, like... during some parts..

And what's great is, I've downloaded some MADEH! YAY for it!

And also, I'm so jealous of other people. I found that my blog, lately, have no visitors.
Wuuuu~~ kinda sad, but, I'll keep writing, cause it's one of my hobbies. ;)

People people people out there, keep viewing my blog! *bigGrin*

By the way, if you're a person who reads my blog from the first time I blog, you may noticed that I'm no more obsessed with anime, kannn???

Yeah right, i used to like anime, not to say that I don't like it anymore, but I'm kinda lazy to check out what's new and on...

And InsyaAllah, I'll post 'about me', (which I should post earlier..errrr..) on 1st January 2010. :D
But this one, 2010 punye version...hehe....

What more to say, I'm out of ideas, perhaps later, I'll post something unexpected,k..

See ya, and thnks for reading, (IF you are reading..haha..)

-hidayah. ;)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Agony ;)


Hello people, ;)

Yesterday was Ustzh Huda's wedding.
Well, I don't really have anything to tell.

The title today langsung takde kaitan dengan post hari ni, kannn?? -__-'

Few days ago, I went to Majlis Muhadharah Prof. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi at PICC.
And that's all i think, nothing much to tell. I hope that you've read my post a few days ago which was 'I don't salute you, 'budak baik' ', that's the title.
Somehow, boleh jadi peringatan buat semua jugak...

And can you believe it, school's coming. And I should say YAY for that!

Btw, I think my blog is getting less-known by people.
Well if you think you're kind, you can help me promote or something huh?
Heheheh....I'm just kidding. Thnks for reading. ;)

Well, I'm looking for madeh to download. But geeeez, I can't find them.
Perhaps some help you could lend? Hehe..


-hidayah ;)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Hoping for your laugh.

Nak tauuu taaaaaaaaaaak?

Yesterday, kan............................

While I was in the car, on the way nak pergi jalan2 ngan family,
we passed by a place..errmm, tanah lapang next to SHELL..


do you know what I saw??

I saw a cow PEE-ing...

but, that's what I saw. -___-
(air tu deras dowh...HAHAHAH...)

Hope you enjoy! hahahhahahaha....

-hidayah. :-)

I don't salute you, budak 'baik'...

Salam readers,

Today, my mouth will be a little bit, prepare your ears..
As what people always say, never judge a book by it's cover, right?
But well, that's what people do.

SO,let me tell you straight away..Let's just the crap.
I'm barely alive with this thousand-times-happened thing...

I'm not denying that I'm bad. Yes, I AM BAD. But, the bad-ness of me that you had see, or maybe kau nilai orang dgn sangkaan buruk, kan?
Ana letak gambar ana so kirenye ana ni jahat la?
And like, when I don't put anything good post like about isu hal agama and stuffs like that, aku jahat la ye?????
Budak tak baik, and gedik like whatever you think?

Well freak, let me tell you something,
All girls, female, women or anyone yang bergelar PEREMPUAN, semuanya GEDIK, and that's female's natural behaviour. True.

kalau GEDIK yang BERSANGATAN, dan yang FAKE punye, or maybe GEDIK sebab mereka ni MPO , tergila-gila kan sangat perhatian orang, tu baru la kau classify kan sebagai GEDIK.
Maybe yes, ana pun gedik, maybe I didn't realize, kan..
So, kawan-kawan ana yang GEEEEEEEDDDIIIIIK sengaja with wrong intentions pun ana tak cakap yg diorang sebegitu, sebab maybe ana pun berbuat demikian tanpa ana sendiri sedar.
Everyone FEMALE will or SHOULD be having that kind of behaviour. It's natural.
Kalau ada yang kau nampak, walaupun sikit 'kegedikan' seseorg perempuan tu, tetap gedik jugak kan?
SO, WHAT'S YOUR RIGHT or YOUR REASON to judge people like that, huuuh?????!!

HEELLLOO, nanti when you grow up, you'll be marrying WOMAN, kannnn???
Or maybe kau mmg minat ngan LELAKI, so you're totally a GAY!

-hidayah; 'budak tak baik'...